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Slot Machines – 100 Years of Entertainment

March 6th, 2012


Yes, the slot machine gread older than your grandfather. It was created by a German immigrant named Charles Fey in 1895. Before 1895 was the only game that exists in this universe on the table. The original slot machine was a heavy cast iron material. You may be surprised to know that the slot machine in America is a fruit machine in the UK and called a poker machine in Australia. Fey, in addition to being the creator, also gets the credit for the mass production made it the first time and sell them to companies. Early slot machines was a hit with the less sophisticated players because it does not need much more than money, faith and the ability to pull a lever or press a key. Were replaced in 1915, Iron slot machines from a wood cabinet slot machine, this first slot machine lighter and the delivery terms made simple and clear to the glory of his journey made possible.

In 1907, Fey partnered with Mills Novelty Company produced a new series of gaming machines, among them his lineage was his three-reel game included with the name of the Liberty Bell, regarded by many as the father of the slots. It was followed by specialized machines have their own mini-themes. This felt, living machine was an added treat for players. Called soon after 3 years, th eFirst fruit symbol slot machine, the operator of Bell Mills Company was created. In 1930 there was a slot machine boom across the United States, especially in the gambling hubs like Atlantic City. More than 50 years after Fey this little money-printing machine brought to the world, was his imaginative creation with the first electro-mechanical slot machines from Bally developed in 1964 moves. It was called Money Honey. Internally, the machine is replaced springs and levers with electrical components. For the players, the change in outer appearance enhanced gaming experience with multiple coin game and bigger jackpots. The current uses of exciting slots noises and flashing lights, which in turn made it even more tempting to stay with him for a long time, also allows for a lot overnight.

Bally Manufacturing paved the way for the development of slot machines. In mid-1970, a dollar slot machine was introduced, which casinos arranged in carousels and much larger jackpots. Previously had been believed to be secondary gambling games for casinos, with table games win as a primary game, there was a chance to win a slot less. The 70s saw these changine equation. That was the beginning of the era, beyond the slot machine revenue for casino table games would and would ultimately add about 85% of sales for several leading casinos.

Short in 1980, marked SIRCOMA a video poker machine, and in the 1990s in the slot machines with many additional features such as multiple games in one machine, an additional opportunity money away from the spinning reels, etc. . Later on 21st Gain century brought brought modern slot cashless slot with touch screen technology, flat screen, easy menus to help with the introduction of the tickets or cards with cash can be replaced, place advertisements on the television screens slot machine casinos to cross sell other facilities .. In addition to new devices that provide an additional payment for game-playing skills, the manufacturers have developed communal games based on clusters of machines – that are proving popular with less than 40 people. Many of these games are luck based, but as popular are some skill-based bonus games.

Popularity of gambling on the Internet has brought various software vendors with new, large variations in slot-like games with incredible bonus features, and with great prizes. Many players who enter never been to a real live casino online casinos and get the real excitement and fun of spinning reels and win the jackpot. With a projected rise of both online and in live casinos, are attracting a new class of machine, with skill-based games developed with the aim of younger players. Coming soon are slot machines with joysticks, which expects the industry to be particularly popular, and others that will allow users to play against each other, like they do in many Internet games. One of the most popular slot game in the movie Top Gun, WMS Gaming is created, based in Waukegan. Online slots are still in their infancy, because online gambling companies are banned in several countries including the United States.

More than a hundred years old and looks better with each passing day, many slots will be for thrills and money for the lucky few, for the foreseeable future to bring.

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